torstai 24. lokakuuta 2013

Autumn shades

Hiya, here are some slightly autumn-y photos from the past days in English this time!
A suspicious squirrel.
A cute doggy.
A delicious chocolate caramel muffin. Accompanied by "why do you put photos of food in your blog?" to which I answered "because it's a lifestyle blog and... eating is a part of my... life... I don't know what I'm saying"
A pyramid!!
Geese chilling out
Willows like that are one of my favourite kind of trees. Fact.
A cutie that didn't want any cuddles.
Finishing this post with a fancy "yo here's me going to the gym" photo. I've never really liked exercising and still dislike sweating but on the other hand it's only good for you to get moving a bit.
I've been listening to this a lot (lot and lot, it's over 6 hours in total so currently it's playing for the third time) lately, it's 95 % very good. I've also been suffering from cold hands but a pair of mittens is soon on their way here from Finland. :3
And on Saturday it's LONDON CALLING finally, can't wait!!

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  1. Voi ihania kuvia! Siellä on vielä niin syksyisen näköistä :3 ! oispa täälläkin..

    1. Kiitoskiitos :)! Ja joo ei oo ruska kunnolla ees alkanut hehe :D

  2. Mukava postaus :) piristi päivää kummasti - varsinkin nuo hanhet o__o


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